Meet the makers - Mobile Barber Shop Depot

Meet Joey & Nicoletta, the dynamic duo behind the Mobile Barber Shop Depot.

Joey learnt his skills from his father Luigi, the very first Master Barber of the region.Joey owned a very established barber shop in Mermaid Waters for over 20 years, which was sold in 2019.

In 2017 Joey and his wife, Nicoletta, had an innovative concept and together started Mobile Barber Shop, the first mobile barber shop in the wedding industry and in the corporate world. It was an immediate success.

In mid 2018 the Home of Mobile Barber Shop was created, Mobile Barber Shop Depot. The best concept barber shop in the region.

Nicoletta: ‘We started the mobile barber shop six years ago, when I was in the wedding industry. I noticed most of the vendors were looking after the bride. So I spoke to Joey and said we should do something for the groom & the groomsmen. He thought I was crazy!’

Joey: ‘From the outside, it’s very deceiving. You just see walls. You walk in, and we have this crazy, eclectic, beautiful, warm vibe. What makes us different is that we are a barber shop by day, and we transform into an event space by night.’

‘You walk in, and you get slapped in the face with good vibes.’

‘The fulfilment I get from being a barber is when someone comes in looking shabby. The customer sits down, we listen to their request, we do it with passion, from the heart - and by the time you finish and you show them the back of their head, they’re looking at it with that smile of satisfaction - "Yeah, I look good” - and that’s satisfying. That makes you feel good.’


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