Meet The Makers - R.EM.EDY

Meet R.EM.EDY, a singer, songwriter and producer from Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been writing since I was about 7, but I’ve never found a certain format that I’ve stuck to, so I just go wherever the inspiration takes me.

What makes my music unique is my honesty and vulnerability. My ability to express and be honest really opens a lot of doors for me with songwriting. A lot of the time personal experience is where a lot of my creativity comes from, I’m a very emotional person. It’s super easy to tap into anything.

My determination through my chronic illness really makes me have a certain sound. My expression an ability to be completely transparent, means that nothings ever off limits.

All my music has meaning, whether it’s something personal to me, or a friend, or something in my head.

The feeling of finishing a song and putting it out into the world is very liberating, going through most of my life, in most of my relationships not being heard, it’s very liberating to finally be heard by the world through music.

You can check out more from R.EM.EDY on her Instagram or Spotify.


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